NCSY Teen Creates Joburg Kosher Benefit for Orly Ohayon

08 Nov 2013

Joburg Kosher, a creator of South African-inspired beef jerky (called biltong) and gourmet sausages in the United States, announced during Kosherfest 2013 the initiation of its “Every Bite Helps” campaign to benefit Orly Ohayon, providing a feasible way for almost anyone to donate to her important cause.

Orly’s many friends were devastated to learn that on the eve of Yom Kippur, while walking to synagogue in Jacksonville, FL, she and her mother were hit by a car, tragically killing her mother and leaving Orly in serious condition, and – having lost her father to cancer just a few years ago – orphaned. The daughter of Joburg Kosher’s founders, Kayla Libesman – a camp roommate of Orly in an NCSY program in Israel last summer and touched by her ability to “look for the good in everything and everyone”—created a way to help Orly by utilizing Kayla’s parents’ company. Through the “Every Bite Helps” campaign anybody can donate to help Orly with each bite of gourmet food from Joburg Kosher.

NCSY is the international Youth Program for the Orthodox Union.

“I am grateful to Joberg for their support of a young lady who inspires all who meet her,” said Todd Cohn, Executive Director of Southern NCSY. “Orly has clearly touched hundreds of lives through her involvement with NCSY, our shabbatons, and summer programs. It’s no surprise, then, that the outpouring of love and support we’ve seen throughout this whole tragedy has been incredible.”

When consumers purchase Joburg Kosher products in store or from, a percentage of the sale is automatically donated to Orly. This allows caring consumers to help rebuild Orly’s life, while also providing gourmet foods for their own family.

“We know there are a tremendous amount of people who want to help Orly. At the same time, everyone consistently purchases groceries to provide for their own family. Now they can do both while keeping the same budget,” says Kayla Libesman. “We want to make donating to Orly achievable for as many people as possible.”

Joburg Kosher gourmet products include biltong, boerewors (South African style sausages) and gourmet sausages. Their products are positioned as “healthy and natural” and are reportedly enjoyed by anyone from business professionals to air force pilots. All products use USDA premium beef, and are supervised by the Chicago Rabbinical Council and the OU. Products can be purchased online at, or in stores nationwide. To find a store near you, visit

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