NCSY Alumni to Reunite for a Second Time Feb 16-18; Retreat May Outdo the First

11 Jan 2007


Why change a good thing? To make it even better. In response to the tremendous success of last year’s debut NCSY Alumni retreat, there will be a second and aptly renamed A.I.R or Adult Inspiration Retreat, taking place the weekend of February 16-18 in New Jersey, but drawing an audience from around the United States and Canada. The A.I.R is an NCSY-style Shabbaton for adults, in which NCSY Alumni, the OU Young Leadership Cabinet (YLC), and new friends will join for an uplifting and unforgettable Shabbat.

For NCSY Alumni, there are many new attractive elements to the retreat including: a concert; the United States movie premiere of “Home Game,” which documents the story of graduating 12th graders who competed on the basketball court while their homes in Gush Katif, Gaza were being removed, with Q&A by producer and NCSY alum Avi Abelow; and inspiration from many friends of NCSY including Iraqi war hero Adam Campbell. Then there’s the location. This year’s retreat will take place in the luxurious Sheraton Parsippany castle in New Jersey, an ideal place to take a breath of A.I.R for the soul.

The concert, taking place at the Saturday night melave malka, will be a “blast from the past” featuring the 1970s and 1980s Jewish music Hall-of-Famers the “Ruach Revival” band. In addition to the entertainment, there will also be an opportunity to participate in a meaningful chesed project. This confirms that “the core message of NCSY endures — optimism to reach our fellow Jews with a love of Judaism,” declared Judge Danny Butler, who was the Regional Director of Central East and is currently the OU Youth Commission Chair.

The attributes that made last year’s initial retreat, attended by 300 people from far and wide, a success will not be overlooked. Like last year, there will be gourmet kosher food, child care, intellectually stimulating sessions, and the joy that comes from joining old friends. “Last year, old friends renewed their friendships, met each others’ families, and reminisced about the time they shared with NCSY,” declared Debra Kapnick, the event chair from Connecticut. “There was a buzz about the weekend, which spread to the friends of those who attended and to those who receive our Alumni newsletter. The first retreat was awe-inspiring and we expect this one will be even better.”

Tickets purchased by January 31 cost $199 per double occupancy. After that, the cost is $249. For more information, to sign up for the retreat, or to check on who is attending visit the website at or, contact Rabbi Dave Felsenthal, the director of NCSY Alumni at, 212-613-8153.