NCSY Alumni Announces New Texting Campaign

15 Apr 2011


“In our busy world,” Rabbi Dave Felsenthal, Director of NCSY Alumni, begins, “people are always running somewhere. There’s work, meetings, carpool, after-school activities and many other responsibilities. When it comes to giving tzedakah, people are well-intentioned, but who has time to sit down and make out a check?” He pauses. “That’s why NCSY Alumni is making it even easier. With just a text via your phone, you can sponsor a kosher food package or a seder for a Jewish student.”

Rabbi Dave is referring to NCSY Alumni’s innovative new texting campaign. Following in the footsteps of many important organizations, NCSY Alumni now receives a $5 donation if someone texts a keyword to 50555. The NCSY Alumni keyword is “AMEN.”

Participants can also choose to add themselves to NCSY Alumni’s text listserv by texting “NCSY” to 50555.

“AMEN is affirmative,” Rabbi Dave explains. “It’s positive. We say ‘amen’ to acknowledge the good things in life like Hashem’s blessings. We say ‘Amen’ when we hear someone thanking God. We say ‘amen’ to indicate that we agree with what was mentioned before. By texting ‘AMEN’, you participate in a global act of affirmation. You’re affirming your Judaism. Through one text, you’re connecting Jewish students to their heritage. It’s extremely powerful.”

Text “AMEN” to 50555 today and become a part of the “Say Amen” Campaign. Make a difference.

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