More than 350 Teens Attend West Coast NCSY Spring Regional

15 Jun 2011


Regional Board members Mati Cohen of Beverly Hills; Jeremy Goldstein of Los Angeles; Jake Litwin of North Hollywood; and Adam Markoff of Los Angeles, on stage at Havdallah.

West Coast NCSY held its annual Spring Regional Convention from Friday, May 27 – Monday, May 30. More than 350 teens boarded the buses to the Hilton located in Costa Mesa, CA for a weekend focused on “Love vs. Hate.”

NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union.

NCSY Shabbatons inspire and educate teens in an atmosphere conducive to religious pride and growth. They provide opportunities for public school students and yeshiva day school students to interact together in a traditional Shabbat environment. Rabbi Effie Goldberg, Executive Director of West Coast NCSY, describes Shabbatons, and particularly Spring Regional as, “a fun and relaxed atmosphere where teens from various backgrounds immerse themselves in a spiritual, inspirational experience. From our Torah discussions, to our melodious Havdallah, to our unique multimedia presentation, West Coast NCSY effectively uses the Shabbaton to educate our students. Spring Regional is the culmination of NCSY’s year, at time for the entire region to come together.”

For many of these teens, this is their first Shabbat experience.

Teens from Sacramento to Las Vegas and Phoenix to Los Angeles were engaged in group discussions, skits, and a Beit Medrash session given by Rabbi Yitchak Etshalom on “Love vs. Hate.” In addition, they spent a thrilling day at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Solly Hess, newly appointed West Coast NCSY Associate Regional Director, was ecstatic in saying, “The teens were overwhelmed with excitement and infused with a sense of purpose and meaning throughout the weekend. The students walked away having made impactful relationships with their advisors and hungry to strengthen their Jewish identities.”

“The success behind all NCSY events, programming, and Shabbatons stems from NCSY’s teen leaders,” says Rabbi Goldberg. Wrapping up this year’s Spring Regional Convention, Meira Goodfriend of Los Angeles; Tova Rohatiner of Los Angeles; Ruthy Volk of Los Angeles; and Callie Willis of Denver, were recognized for their outstanding Torah Achievement and Leadership within NCSY.

Raphael Elspas from Los Angeles, had an unforgettable weekend, saying, “My life changed from the experience. It was truly inspiring.”

Leeor Tito, from North Hollywood, describes Spring Regional as a place where “Teens from all over the region form lasting friendships and experience a Shabbat together that they will never forget.”

To get involved with West Coast NCSY, contact Solly Hess at 310 229-9000 ext. 210 or go to

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