More Than 3,000 Expected at Orthodox Union’s Virtual Torah Yerushalayim on September 12

09 Sep 2021

A Day of Learning and Inspiration in Preparation for Yom Kippur


JERUSALEM – Leading rabbinic scholars, educators, and Jewish communal leaders will be featured at the Orthodox Union’s (OU) third annual Torah Yerushalayim, dedicated in loving memory of David & Norma Fund Z”L, on Sunday, September 12, 2021. More than 3,000 men and women are expected join the virtual event, which is being hosted by OU Israel, the Israeli arm of the Orthodox Union (OU). The program will consist of five keynote addresses, 16 captivating classes and two panels covering topics ranging from the Shemita year, Yom Kippur liturgy, teshuva, and Sukkot. A particularly timely topic the program will address is parenting during these trying pandemic times.

There will be sessions appropriate for individuals of all backgrounds, from beginner to scholar and every level in between.

Torah Yerushalayim will open with a morning keynote address by OU Executive Vice President Emeritus Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb and will conclude with a keynote address from current OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Moshe Hauer and a musical performance and kumsitz with Rabbi Shlomo Katz. The blue-ribbon list of scholars teaching sessions throughout the day, includes: Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon, Rabbi Herschel Schachter, Sivan Rahav Meir, Dina Schoonmaker, Shani Taragin and many others.

“The days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur provide a unique opportunity for introspection and connecting to Hashem. The goal of Torah Yerushalayim is to uplift your Aseret Yemei Teshuva and Yom Kippur, and we have assembled leading scholars and educators to create a dynamic virtual worldwide event that offers something for everyone,” said OU Israel Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman. “As we enter the Shemita year, this year’s program will feature a learning track focusing on the unique Halachot that will guide us through this year and even impact next year as well. We are excited to offer so many remarkable and incredibly inspiring Shiurim to Jews around the world who have been unable to come to Israel and learn with these Rabbis and educators in person due to the pandemic.”

“We’re excited to share such an important Yom Iyun with our brethren across the globe,” said Orthodox Union President Moishe Bane. “The Days of Awe present a unique time for personal and communal religious growth and the program’s relevancy to Shemita only further highlights its importance as we look towards an incredible year ahead.”

The event is free to the public. For more information about Torah Yerushalayim and to register, please visit,

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