Get Ready For Purim With Mishloach Manot From Yachad Gifts

14 Mar 2016

With Purim approaching, Yachad Gifts is offering its exquisite and affordable array of themed, custom, and ready-made mishloach manot gift baskets for friends and family to enjoy.

Yachad Gifts offers a wide selection including wines, coffee, gourmet chocolates, candies, fruit and nuts. At baskets going for $5 and up, its prices are tailored to fit every budget. Purim begins Wednesday evening, March 23.

Yachad is the Orthodox Union agency dedicated to enhancing the opportunities of individuals with disabilities; promoting Inclusion and independence through a full array of integrated activities; and ensuring their full participation in mainstream Jewish life. The gifts are assembled by Yachad members, who are involved throughout the process.

Stuart Gourdji, manager for Yachad Gifts, explained, “Yachad Gifts employs individuals with a diverse array of skills which are applicable to every aspect of the business, from designing and purchasing, to packaging, shipping, delivering, data entry, sales and customer service. This invaluable experience not only provides our clientele with a job, but builds up their skill sets, giving them the tools they need to gain competitive employment in a variety of different industries.”

No matter who it is, there is a Yachad Gift for everyone. For New York baseball fans out there, they can enjoy a Yankees or Mets-themed basket. For those who love to dress up, a masquerade party basket. For the health-conscious, Yachad Gifts offers a “Healthy Delight” package containing raisins and nuts, as well as gluten-free and sugar-free basket options. For music lovers, there are guitar-shaped packages stuffed with assorted candies.

For your local rabbi and rebbetzin, there is a package for each one shaped as a rabbi and rebbetzin doll.  For your local veteran, there is an American flag patriot basket. For kids, they’ll have fun with Yachad Gifts’ cowboy boot packages, tzedakah box packages, and Toy Story packages. For adults, coffee and wine connoiseurs alike can enjoy baskets of each theme tailored to their beverage of favor.

Looking for a different theme? Speak to a Yachad Gifts package designer to create a customized package. Now that’s something everyone can be happy with!

Get your Purim orders in today! Use the code PURIM5776 and get 10% off your order! Order online at  or visit its Brooklyn flagship store at 1090 Coney Island Avenue, 4th Fl., Room 401. Store hours are Monday through Thursday,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Call Yachad Gifts toll free at 855-505-7500, or 347-533-6965, or email