Midwest NCSY Announces New Executive Leadership Team

01 Jul 2011


Midwest NCSY’s new Executive Leadership Structure (from left to right), Rabbi Donny Schwartz of Skokie, Associate Regional Director;
Rabbi Micha Greenland of Chicago, Regional Director and CEO; and Rabbi Moshe Isenberg of Chicago, Chief Communications Officer.

Midwest NCSY today announces its new Executive Leadership Structure. After searching for the best of the best, the revamped team will allow the Region to maximize its impact on Jewish teens, in addition to strengthening the region’s fundraising, programming, and educational components. The Midwest Region has established the goal of doubling their current number of 2,400 teens impacted annually within three years.

NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union.

To support this strong initiative, four major administrative changes will be taking place within the Region:

• Rabbi Micha Greenland, of Chicago, will now be Regional Director and CEO;

• Rabbi Moshe Isenberg, of Chicago, has been named Chief Communications Officer;

• Rabbi Donny Schwartz, of Skokie, has been named Associate Regional Director;

• Rabbi Yehuda Polstein, of Chicago, has been named Director of Chicago’s Torah High.

Rabbi Steven Burg, International Director of NCSY, declared, “NCSY is confident that these changes will bring the Midwest Region closer to its ultimate goal: impacting every Jewish teen in the greater Midwest area. By ensuring every staff member is placed in a position that best suits their strengths, Midwest NCSY is striving for its most successful year ever.”

Rabbi Burg continued, “As a superstar Regional Director of Midwest NCSY, Rabbi Greenland is sure to excel with his increased responsibilities for the Region’s program growth and fundraising.
Switching from the role of Associate Midwest NCSY Regional Director, Rabbi Isenberg will be able to utilize his business background and Master’s in Business Administration, enabling him to use his tremendous creativity and depth of NCSY experience to accomplish the goals of greater community awareness and engagement with NCSY.

Formerly serving as the Director of Chicago’s Torah High, Rabbi Schwartz will be an asset for teen engagement and staff mentoring. Rabbi Schwartz brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and creativity that will undoubtedly make him successful in his new roles and bring NCSY to new levels.

Lastly, with his energy, passion, and determination, Rabbi Polstein will certainly engage and impact the Jewish teens of Greater Chicago.”

For further information about Midwest NCSY, visit www.midwestncsy.org.

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