Ninth Annual OU Marriage Enrichment Retreat to be Held on July 11-13 at Woodcliff Lake Hilton in NJ

14 Jan 2014

One of the Orthodox Union’s signature programs returns this summer, as its ninth Annual Marriage Enrichment Retreat will be held from Friday, July 11-Sunday, July 13 once again at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton in Northern New Jersey, with the proven objective of “making your good marriage a GREAT marriage.” The program is an initiative of the OU Department of Community Engagement.

The retreat is geared towards happily married couples who are looking for a new level of marital contentment. For adults only, the weekend is free from daily distractions and routines, allowing couples to concentrate on one another and strengthen their marriage commitment. Registration is now in progress and past participants have ranged from newlyweds to those married 50+ years and from all walks of life.

“The most successful marriages are ones in which both partners continually work to nurture their relationship,” declared Rabbi Judah Isaacs, director of the Department of Community Engagement. “A fulfilling marriage allows couples to grow with each other, not apart, communicate in a positive manner, and successfully resolve differences as they arise.”

Hannah Farkas, program manager in- the Department of Community Engagement and the coordinator of the event said, “The retreat aims to enhance the marriage relationship by focusing on the positive aspects of marriage, highlighting characteristics found in happy couples. Participants will be provided with opportunities to interact with each other through group discussion and activities led by a faculty of mental health professionals, including rabbis, with a specialization in marriage.”

These experts on marriage, with more to be added, include Alex Bailey, Psy.D.; Scott Chudnoff, M.D., MS, FACOG; Rivki Chudnoff, M.S.P.T.; Jonathan Lasson, Psy.D; Rachel Pill, L.C.S.W.; Michael J. Salamon, Ph.D.; Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler, L.S.W.; and Sharon Zwickler, L.S.W. Many are veterans of past OU Marriage Retreats. There will also be a special presentation by Rabbi Dr. Tzvi H. Weinreb, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Emeritus, of the Orthodox Union.

A survey of the 70 couples of all ages who attended last year’s program produced a variety of positive evaluations, including:

• “The retreat addressed all couples from newlyweds to those who are married for decades.”

• “Everyone who is happily married should come at least once!”

• “Program is brilliant and a Kiddush Hashem for the Jewish Community and the Orthodox Union”

• “Amazing meeting Jews from so many different backgrounds, communities and hashkafot.”

• “After 15 years, sometimes we forget things. Reminders in a fun, comfortable, relaxed way are enlightening. Will make it a yearly vacation.”

• “It is always useful to focus on one another and have the opportunity to enhance our relationship.”

• “Our bond of marriage has been renewed, reinforced, and reinvigorated. A priceless gift. Thank you.”

• “Each session was excellent. The variety of topics and choices was great!”

• “Faculty was very knowledgeable and professional. Made things insightful and entertaining.”

• “Food was very good, varied, plentiful, tasteful. I especially appreciated that there were vegetarian choices.”

For further information, contact Hannah Farkas at 212-613-8351, or {encode=”” title=””}.

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