Los Angeles Syngagoue LINK Joins the Orthodox Union Synagogue Network

27 May 2015

The Orthodox Union has announced that LINK, the Los Angeles Intercommunity Kollel, has been accepted as a new member synagogue, joining hundreds of other synagogues throughout North America that enjoy the benefits of their affiliation with the OU.

The announcement followed the approval of the OU’s Synagogue Standards Commission, which acted on the recommendation of the organization’s Executive Committee.

The synagogue is located at 1453 South Robertson Boulevard.

Martin Nachimson, president of the Orthodox Union, explained, “LINK had expressed its wish to be part of an active Jewish organization which will be advantageous to the growth of its congregation and the Los Angeles Jewish community. It is a vibrant and growing synagogue looking to work together with the Orthodox Union.”

OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin declared, “We are delighted to welcome LINK as a new member of the Orthodox Union synagogue network. LINK is an outstanding institution making a profound impact on the community, and we look forward to continuing our active collaboration with them in the areas of programming; outreach; advocacy and synagogue operations.”

Rabbi Asher Brander, the synagogue’s spiritual leader, said, “It’s a great honor for LINK to be joining the OU Synagogue Network. The OU’s mission of Torah and mitzvot and its dedication to Klal Yisrael creates a very appropriate partnership with our synagogue, whose mission is to bring Torah to all who claim it as their heritage and birthright. Hundreds of people come through our doors to learn more about Torah and Judaism and by LINK being in partnership with the OU, we have an exciting opportunity to extend our outreach.”

He continued, “OU West Coast Region Director Rabbi Alan Kalinsky is a dear friend and has created a wonderful presence for the OU on the West Coast. His leadership has had a tremendous impact on the region’s Jewish community.”

Rabbi Kalinsky shared, “Rabbi Brander has been an inspirational part of the Jewish landscape in Los Angeles for many years. We are so proud that he has brought his talents and assembled a phenomenal shul/beit midrash in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood. The LINK shul has offered a tremendous value to our community and the OU is proud to have it as part of the family.”

Rabbi Judah Isaacs, director of the OU’s Department of Community Engagement and Synagogue Services, stated, “The OU is honored to welcome LINK as a member of the OU Synagogue network. Belonging to the OU connects members of LINK to a national network of Orthodox congregations and access to the various agencies of the OU, including NCSY; NCSY Alumni; OU Advocacy; Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities; OU Kosher; Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus; Israel Free Spirit-Taglit Birthright Israel;  and, of course, the OU’s Department of Community and Synagogue Engagement.”

Yehuda Friedman, associate director of OU’s Synagogue Services, added, “We are grateful for the partnership with new OU member synagogues and look forward to providing the synagogue leadership with meaningful tools and services to help strengthen congregational life.”