Long Island NCSY Sponsors Second Annual Project Frumaway Fashion Show

19 Mar 2009

This week, Long Island NCSY, in conjunction with Central, HAFTR, HANC, and SKA, presented the second annual Project Frumway Fashion Show at Congregation Beth Sholom in Lawrence. The show was created to promote self-esteem and modesty by instilling in all those who came that women can look good and be stylish no matter what size they wear or how they look and that modest dress can be achieved in a fashionable manner.

The doors of Beth Shalom opened at 7:30, where the night began with a raffle and a boutique displaying goods from 12 local vendors. The all-female guests were invited to view and shop items that ranged from headbands and jewelry to wigs and Sleevies straight from Israel, while noshing on tasty treats.

At 8:15 the show began. The 54 elementary, middle, and high school models strutted down the runway in clothing from the modest clothing-line Be Precious, as well as from Junee, Beautiful Girl, 100% Kids, Trixie and Jane and Buttercup Kids. The two winners, Estie Schwartz (10th Grade, Central) and Yaara Syndowski (12th Grade SKA), however, wore their own designs, which were made a reality thanks to Rachel’s Fabric and Trim and Adeana Hartman, a local dressmaker. The four honorable mention winners, Shaina Katz, Lauren Leiberstein, Naomi Ducat and Riva Neuman, accepted trophies for their innovative designs.

Rina Emerson, Associate Director, Long Island NCSY, declared, “Project Frumway was a fantastic event filled with energy, excitement and of course, tznuit fashion. The girls that helped run the program, as well as Elissa Schertz and Kessia Lurie, and our staff members, were amazing and did a wonderful job!”

We would like to thank all those who made Project Frumway a success; from donating their time, energy, raffle prizes and clothing, the community really came together for a memorable evening. NCSY would especially like to thank the committee of eleven girls who gave tirelessly of their time and energy to produce a fantastic event: Eliana Brecher, Eliana Pasternack, Tamar Weinstein, Rachel Simon, Jody Cooperberg, Alexa Kotowitz, Rebecca Greenberg, Perri Rosenthal, Jackie Nadboy, and Lizzy Blass. It was a night to remember!