Limu Original Health Supplement Now OU Kosher

07 Feb 2012


The LIMU Company has received kosher certification for its flagship dietary liquid supplement, LIMU ORIGINAL®. The certification comes from the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest and most respected kosher certification agency.

Based on extensive product testing and an in-depth analysis of LIMU facilities, the Orthodox Union confirmed that LIMU ORIGINAL® is a 100 percent kosher product. Already considered a nutritional powerhouse by its consumers and independent researchers, LIMU ORIGINAL now provides additional reassurance in each bottle’s level of quality and product integrity.

“Our product’s quality is second to none. We pursued OU kosher certification to give our continually growing customer base an even higher level of confidence,” said LIMU CEO Gary J. Raser. “We have listened to LIMU Members interested in having a kosher product to enjoy, and this official certification represents our commitment to them, and to all of our members. We are very proud to have received this stamp of approval from the Orthodox Union.”

Rabbi Mordechai Merzel, OU Kosher rabbinic coordinator who guided LIMU in its OU certification process, expressed “pleasure working together with the LIMU Company in making their products available to the ever-growing kosher market place. It is gratifying to bring this unique and exciting product to the kosher consumer.”
About LIMU™

LIMU is an established global nutritional company solely focused on marketing the rich health benefits of marine bioactive, Fucoidan, through its line of unique products. Employing a direct sales business model, LIMU continues to expand its network of Members around the globe, with tens of millions of dollars in commissions paid. Based in Florida, LIMU is an industry leading home-based business opportunity, helping people enjoy the LIMU Experience that provides them with a higher quality of life. For more information on LIMU and its exclusive Fucoidan product formulas, please visit

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