Kuzari Is Back On OU Torah!

09 Sep 2015

Several years ago, OU Torah presented a popular series on The Kuzari, the acclaimed work of Jewish thought and philosophy by Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi (d. 1141). The series was delivered by Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, then Director of OU West Coast’s Department of Community and Synagogue Services. Rabbi Korobkin is also the author of a groundbreaking annotated translation of The Kuzari, published by Feldheim.

The series was well-received but it went on hiatus when Rabbi Korobkin relocated to Toronto to become the spiritual leader of Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto (BAYT).While the shiurim he delivered continued to be available on OU Torah, we were disappointed that the series could not continue. Now, as we enter a new year, we are pleased to announce that Rabbi Korobkin’s series on The Kuzari is resuming with all-new shiurim; as of this writing, 25 new shiurim have been completed. These new shiurim will be released at regular intervals, roughly one per week.

The Kuzari is a fictionalized re-telling of a series of historical discussions that took place in the eighth century between a rabbi and the king of the Khazars in Central Asia, who was searching for the truth among his various religious options. During the course of their talks, the rabbi enlightened the king on matters of Torah, particularly in contradistinction to other religions and philosophies.

Rabbi Korobkin’s first new shiurR’ Yehuda HaLevi and the World of Medieval Andalusian Jewry, can be found at www.ou.org/torah/machshava/kuzari/r-yehuda-halevi-and-the-world-of-medieval-andalusian-jewry/. If you’d like to follow the series, or begin with the shiurim in the original series, the Kuzari series page is located at www.ou.org/torah/machshava-series/kuzari/. We are confident that you’ll enjoy delving into this classic of Jewish philosophy, taught by an unparalleled master of the work.