Joseph Stechler of Teaneck and Israel, Named Chairman of OU’s National Youth Commission

16 Feb 2011


Orthodox Union President Dr. Simcha Katz today announced the appointment of Joseph (Yossi) Stechler, of Teaneck, NJ and Zichron Yaakov, Israel, to be Chairman of the OU’s National Youth Commission, which oversees NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership, the Orthodox Union’s international youth program.

He succeeds Martin Nachimson of Los Angeles.

“Yossi Stechler is an old friend, a very successful businessman, who brings a lot of passion to NCSY,” declared Dr. Katz. “He and his wife are committed to NCSY and support it as major benefactors. Under the chairmanship of Marty Nachimson, the OU’s youth activities have been expanding dramatically. Yossi Stechler will have a fertile field to take over.”

Mr. Stechler, president of Stechler & Company, an investment firm, has had a long personal involvement with NCSY, including several terms as Vice Chairman. He writes, “I am honored to have been appointed Chairman of the National Youth Commission of NCSY. From my personal involvement in NCSY over the past two decades, I know that it is the largest and most effective organization serving Jewish teens in the United States and Canada, as well as youth programs in Israel and Latin America.”

He continued, “Today, the raging tide of assimilation continues to endanger huge numbers of Jewish youth from both unaffiliated and observant homes. However, that menacing tide has begun to turn. NCSY’s Torah study groups, one-on-one mentoring, Shabbatonim, Regionals and exciting Israel trips are having an increasingly powerful impact. Each year, its programs inspire tens of thousands of Jewish teens to strengthen their bonds to our community, to the land of Israel and to the eternal faith of the Jewish people. My primary challenge will be to build on the success of NCSY by improving and expanding its unique programs so that they reach every Jewish teen.”

Mr. Stechler declared that this goal “can only be reached by working in partnership with the distinguished leadership of the Orthodox Union, the dedicated staff of NCSY, and those members of our community who recognize that we are all responsible to help every young Jew have a Jewish future. Working together, we can build an enormous tide of renewal and growth for all of the Jewish people. May God grant us the wisdom and strength to succeed in this vital endeavor.”

Joseph Stechler has served on the boards of NCSY, Yeshiva College, the Yeshiva of North Jersey, the Moriah School, Ohr Torah Institutions and other Jewish educational and outreach organizations. He is president of Stechler & Company, Incorporated, an investment firm that has specialized in money management, venture capital and institutional equity research. Prior to his investment career, Mr. Stechler was a corporate attorney at two major law firms. He graduated from Yeshiva University (BA, summa cum laude), from Columbia University School of Law (JD, Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar), and from New York University School of Law (LLM in Corporate Law, Securities Regulation Fellow). Mr. Stechler has also taught financial management at the Stern Graduate School of Business of New York University.

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