Jobs Jobs Jobs: OU Job Board Provides Hope In Time of Despair

23 Oct 2008

Originally called ParnossahWorks, and a partner with the F-E-G-S, Health and Human Services System in the New York area, the OU Job Board became its own national/international entity in January 2007. It has become a key player in today’s job search market, currently posting more than 1,200 jobs in a variety of categories. The OU Job Board grew as a response to high Jewish unemployment in white collar positions. Given the current economic crisis, the needs are even greater now.

“We’ve helped over 1,000 people get jobs in the past year,” said Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board. “Of that number of positions, about 65 percent of jobs filled were in the Greater New York area. The people we’ve helped range from Jews across the spectrum of religious observance to non-Jews. At the OU Job Board, we are truly egalitarian.”

Mr. Rosner made it clear that even in difficult times, there are many jobs available on the Job Board.

Mr. Rosner declared, “We call on all Orthodox shuls to remain diligent in sending in available positions within their congregations so we can list even more jobs in the community. Not only can employers list open positions within their companies for free, but those looking for employment can send in their resumes for free as well. Resumes are stored in strict confidence and are only screened by qualified employers looking to fill the position the job applicant is seeking.”

The Job Board, which is constantly updated, posts jobs available locally, nationally, and internationally (primarily Israel and Canada), in a variety of categories on its website, It includes positions in: accounting; administrative support; communal work; education; human resources; the legal field; pharmacy; the rabbinical field, and numerous others. The positions range from assistants to CEOs.

The OU Job Board has been proactive in helping alleviate the economic situation facing Jewish communities throughout the United States. It has developed, and continues to develop, pertinent programs and presentations offering hard facts and solutions to various credit problems as well as job opportunities within the Jewish community.

There are archived seminars, for example, teaching people how to go about getting a job, how to handle interviews, and how to handle the credit crisis, available for free viewing.

At the OU Convention in Jerusalem in November, the Job Board is holding its first Virtual Job Fair in Israel. A two-part series, the first part will take place in the United States on November 5, for those making or planning a move to Israel, while part two, November 23-25, in Jerusalem, will be for the accepted candidates from part one and for those already living in Israel.

Mr. Rosner continued, “The Board constantly reminds shuls to send in job postings and to inform their congregants of the various opportunities posted on the Job Board, as well as sending out brochures and flyers to make their community aware of all the programs and resources we offer. During these trying times, it is perhaps more important than ever before to keep our synagogues in mind and to take advantage of all the Board has to offer.”