OU Job Board & Jewish B2B Networking Present “Chicago Resume Checkup Day” December 2

12 Nov 2015

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, the OU Job Board, in cooperation with the Chicago-based Jewish B2B Networking, will present Chicago Resumé Checkup Day. The event will be held in the evening from 6:00 to 7:30 in Skokie’s Congregation Or Torah, 3800 Dempster Street. The event is for all those looking to improve their resumés, regardless of their employment status. It will offer both students and professionals the chance to work on their resumés with the assistance of employment experts.

“This program will allow participants the chance to ‘tune-up’ their resumés in 15 minutes, and to make a difference in their lives,” said Michael Rosner, international director of the Job Board. “Whether employed or not, come and have your resumé prepared or updated. This event is the perfect opportunity for college students, or anyone entering or reentering the workforce, to help them gain a ‘leg up’ on their competition. The short sessions will give participants the opportunity to have their resumés reviewed by experts who will make needed corrections and improvements on the spot. We are looking forward to spending time with participants and helping to make a positive impact on their lives and careers.”

The Jewish B2B Networking is a Jewish business networking organization servicing the Midwest. “Jewish B2B Networking is about building a community which has support for professionals,” said Shalom Klein, its executive director. “The upcoming resumé day is such an important program and we are delighted to partner with the OU Job Board.”

This event is by reservation only, and sessions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Register at newoujobs.org/Resumé_workshops.aspx

The OU Job Board resumé workshops are free of charge, although a $10 donation is recommended.

For more information, or to register,  email jobsco@ou.org or call 212-563-4000 and ask for the Job Board, or visit the OU Job Board website at www.oujobs.org.