It’s Raining Jobs! OU Job Board Has Many New Jobs Available

18 Feb 2010

Despite the media’s focus on rising unemployment and the weakening economy, a variety of open job positions do exist – 350 of them, primarily in the Tri-state area, were recently added to the Orthodox Union’s Job Board, on

The OU Job Board’s recent “Push-to-Know” campaign, coinciding with the Jewish month of Adar, publicizes its free service of posting available jobs and job seekers’ resumes on its website, and its commitment to targeting new sources of employment for available jobs.

One of those new sources is the United States Senate and House of Representatives, which recently supplied the Job Board with forty open positions, including Legislative Assistant for a U.S. senator, Communications Director, Deputy Press Secretary, and other prestigious positions. Counting these new job opportunities from the Congress, there have been nearly 350 new jobs added to the Job Board in the past week alone. The jobs range from administrative positions to those in the financial market.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board, declared, “Seeking new employers and tweaking our regular job providers is just one step in the battle to help people.” Mr. Rosner explained that he posted a notice on a communal website for jobs announcing the Job Board is looking to add new positions to its website, and a source responded with the congressional jobs.

Mr. Rosner continued, “Despite the influx of new jobs, employers and community members have become complacent with the current economic crisis. They feel they already contributed to the cause and have moved on to other ventures. The OU Job Board is here to remind them that this is not the case. Unemployment is rampant in our community and the market does not look promising. We must redouble our efforts and be vigilant to open jobs that our constituents can fill.”

The OU Job Board is a free community service board that posts jobs, hosts resumes, runs seminars/webinars, Job Fairs, Networking Events and retooling, and retraining classes all for free. The OU Job Board regularly tweets new job openings, which individuals can follow on Twitter by searching for “OUJobs” and clicking “follow.”

For more information, and to search available jobs, or post your resume, visit or call 212-613-8129.