Inspirational Role Model, Rivka Yudin of Far Rockaway, to Direct NCSY’s Michlelet Program in Israel

25 Oct 2006


Who better to head the Orthodox Union’s NCSY “All New Michlelet” program for teenage girls than a woman who embodies the true spirit of a role model for young Jewish women? In summer 2007, the Michlelet program will be under the official directorship of Rivka Yudin of Far Rockaway, who will serve as a guide for teenage girls and share her many years of experience in Torah education with them.

NCSY, the national youth program of the Orthodox Union, provides educational and fun events for both observant and non-observant teenagers. At the forefront in the battle against assimilation, NCSY offers innovative programming which helps Jewish teens see the beauty of their heritage and a Torah observant lifestyle.

Michlelet allows high school students to spend their summer touring and learning on the Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim campus, in Beit Shemesh, Israel in a warm and inspiring atmosphere. Reishit’s beautifully landscaped campus, features a stunning view of the Israeli countryside, as it is centrally located between Jerusalem ( 30-minute car ride) and Tel Aviv ( 25-minute train ride). Supermarkets, restaurants, banks, dry cleaners and other stores are a short walk from the school. Classes include halacha (Jewish law), chumash (Bible), and hashkafa (philosophy) for beginners through advanced levels.

In anticipation of her role, Mrs. Yudin has a vision of what she wants to accomplish. “My hope is for every girl to leave with a greater appreciation, passion and love for learning Torah; for doing chesed (kindness); for the land of Israel, and to have a great time while being involved in all the activities Michlelet has to offer,” she said.

“We approached Rivka Yudin to become the new director of Michlelet because she embodies everything we want our young Jewish women to be. She has a heart of gold as well as tremendous Torah knowledge,” declared Rabbi Steven Burg, National Director of NCSY.

Mrs. Yudin studied in Michlala College for Women in Jerusalem and completed her studies in Jewish Education at Azrieli School for Jewish Education of Yeshiva University. She also taught in Michlala College for four years prior to taking her current position at Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls in Hewlett, NY, where she teaches Tanach (Bible), serves as a grade level advisor and provides Israel guidance for the Senior Class.

“Michlelet itself is a very special program; it combines a high level of traditional learning with a significant amount of innovation,” stated Rabbi Moshe Benovitz, Director of NCSY Kollel in Israel, Michlelet’s companion program for teenage boys. “Mrs. Yudin is a person of great substance. Her passion for learning and commitment to Torah make her a perfect match for Michlelet. I am certain that with her creativity, enthusiasm and energy, Michlelet with be greater then ever.”

To accomplish the high standards set for Michlelet, Mrs. Yudin has worked on adding a chesed component to the program in which the girls will take two afternoons a week to devote to activities such as volunteering in soup kitchens, entertaining children in hospitals, collecting clothing for the poor, working with child victims of terror, and similar activities. Along with an intensive study curriculum, the daily schedule also includes recreational activities. To deepen their love for the land of Israel as well as to appreciate its beauty, the girls will tour throughout the country.

Michlelet offers classes with world-renowned teachers and speakers who will help the girls further their understanding and love of Judaism. Rivka Yudin is one of the teachers who will contribute to inspiring young ladies to grow Jewishly. She joins the NCSY summer team with incredible dedication to helping the girls live their lives fully as devoted young Jewish women.

Mrs. Yudin lives in Far Rockaway, with her husband, Rabbi Andi Yudin. Rabbi Yudin teaches in The Marsha Stern Talmudic Academy/Yeshiva University’s High School for Boys and is the Rosh Kollel (head of the kollel) of the kollel at the Davis Renov Stahler High School for Boys, a branch of YU’s Kollel. They have three children: Miri, seven; Malky, five; and Eli, three. Her father-in-law, Rabbi Benjamin Yudin, is Rav of Shomrei Torah Congregation, an OU synagogue, in Fair Lawn, NJ.

For further information about Michlelet, or to register for the next season’s program, contact David Cutler, Director of Summer Programs, at or at 212-613-8317. An early registration discount of $150 is available by applying online,, using the coupon code “early-bird” before December 15.