In Conjunction With The OU’s National Convention, OU Holds 2-Part Job Fair in NY and Israel

16 Jul 2008

Given the OU’s priorities, it is no surprise that aliyah will be on the agenda for the Convention. “For the first time, the OU Convention in Israel will also serve as a job forum for those interested in making aliyah,” said Stephen J. Savitsky, OU President. “Aliyah has always been an important objective of the Orthodox Union. By including the Job Fair in its Convention, the OU will support aliyah by assisting possible olim in their job search. The OU is extremely proud of this new initiative.”

Along with the Jewish Agency, Nefesh B’Nefesh, and others who will help promote the fair and offer their network of contacts as possible employers, the OU Job Board has devised a unique way to introduce job seekers to employment opportunities in Israel. Part one involves “virtually” interviewing job candidates in New York, allowing them to meet and see their prospective employers in Israel via teleconferencing. All of the job opportunities will be for English speakers. The participants will also have the opportunity to meet communities where English-speaking immigrants tend to live, further making their visit to the Job Fair a one stop-shop not only for jobs but for housing opportunities in Israel as well.

Once the OU’s National Convention takes place in Jerusalem, the week of November 23-30, candidates will actually meet their prospective employers in person in part two of the Job Fair. Based on the success of past Job Fairs sponsored by the OU Job Board, these personal meetings are expected to lead to many finalized “matches” between employer and employee. Those who cannot make it to New York for part one of the Fair still have the option of participating in the second part in Israel, with appointments arranged by the Job Fair.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board, declared, “We are holding the Job Fair at the same time as the National Convention so that those interested in making aliyah will not only meet prospective employers, but will also be able to enjoy the programming and camaraderie of the Convention in Israel. The Convention offers discounted rates on hotel and transport to reduce the cost to people who are going to meet their prospective new employers and communities in Israel.”

Mr. Rosner also stated that part two of the Job Fair will welcome English speakers who have already made aliyah but are still looking for employment or are looking to change careers.

For more information, contact Mr. Rosner at or 212-613-8129.