Hits Have Doubled to 130,000 on OU’s Job Board Website

03 Mar 2009

The recent economic recession has left many people struggling to make ends meet. Proof of the hard times is everywhere: food pantries are in need of more provisions, real estate values are dropping rapidly, and almost everyone knows someone who has lost his or her job. Another indication? Hits on the Orthodox Union Job Board’s website, www.ou.org/jobs , have doubled in the past six months, going from 60,000 visitors to 130,000 – just this past week.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board, declared, “This type of situation is both good news and bad news – we’re happy the Job Board is helping people through these tough economic times, but we’re not happy that so many have had to utilize our help. With the economic crisis the way it is, people now realize just what a viable and vital resource the OU Job Board really is for jobs, training, and retooling their lives.”

The Job Board truly does maintain a one-stop shop website, offering those in need not just a comprehensive listings of nearly 1,200 positions in major cities across the United States, Canada, and Israel, but providing resources such as programs, workshops, and seminars on the most up-to-date job training and information.

Mr. Rosner continued, “Whereas the OU Job Board originally started as a place to post jobs and resumes, and to look for employees and job applicants, the new OU Job Board has become a virtual online social service organization, providing not only the above-listed services but also listing numerous social service partners, e-learning career advancement services, practical career seminars, and various other initiatives.”

Past events, all archived on the website, include seminars and workshops on networking; how to make your resume stand out among others; computer-skills training; and interview skills. The OU has hosted numerous Job Fairs with on-the-spot interviews, including a much-publicized Job Fair in Israel during the OU’s biennial National Convention in Jerusalem this past November, in which more than 2,000 English-speaking job seekers participated.

OU Job Board ongoing community projects include Project C.H.E.S.E.D., a 14-point plan empowering communities to help those in need; as well as R.E.T.U.R.N., which utilizes the services of retired and experienced people as mentors to today’s younger generation and business people looking for advice.

The OU Job Board is in the forefront of planning events and utilizing contacts to offer communities the latest jobs and information.

On April 26, the OU Job Board will be holding a Chesed Community Day gathering in which over 30 social service organizations throughout New York and New Jersey that provide free services to their communities will participate. Further information will be available shortly.

The Job Board has also recently embarked on a partnership with several organizations to offer what Mr. Rosner estimates to be about 3,000 additional jobs, with positions in cities across the country, listed on the website. The organizations include: the FBI; the IRS; the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; The City of New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services; and the City of New York Civil Complaint Review Board.

For more information about the Job Board, or to utilize any of its resources, visit www.ou.org/jobs, or contact jobs@ou.org or 212-613-8391.