Help Yachad Deliver “Pizza4Soldiers” For IDF

02 Nov 2015

Yachad Israel is showing its support for the Israel Defense Forces and for Israel as a whole with its newly announced “pizza4soldiers” project.  In the program, Yachad members, together with their typically developing peers, will be making and delivering pizzas to IDF soldiers.

Yachad, a program of the Orthodox Union, is dedicated to providing unique social, educational and recreational initiatives for individuals with learning, developmental and physical disabilities with the goal of their Inclusion in the total life of the Jewish community. Yachad has an increasing presence is Israel.

Yachad is calling on its North American constituency, as well as Israelis, to support the program by making a $36 donation for each pie. Besides the pie, the donation will provide transportation for Yachad members to and from the establishments in which the pizzas will be baked as well as transportation to and from army bases to deliver the pizzas. Remaining funds will be used for Yachad Israel programming.

Donors will receive notifications and pictures once the pizzas are delivered.

According to Eli Hagler, Associate Director of Yachad, “We are not just making pizzas. We are hosting inclusive events through Yachad Israel at which we will bring Yachad members together with their typically developing peers for fun and engaging pizza-making events.  We might do a series of events depending on the final number of pies ordered.  After the event, we’ll have a bus and truck/van pick up the pizzas and the people and take them to IDF bases for distribution.”

So far more than 400 pizzas have been sold and a number of events and programs are being planned to deliver them.

“This way,” he said, “we will show how much Yachad values the IDF and its courageous soldiers, and they will take delight in providing a little fun for these heroes while enjoying themselves as well.”
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