Green With Envy Over Cab Driver Jobs? OU Job Board Assigned to Fill 150 Green Cab Jobs in Outer Boroughs and Upper Manhattan

04 Sep 2014

Taxis have always been synonymous with the color yellow, but the recent appearance of green cabs to serve the four “outer” boroughs and upper Manhattan has created an opportunity to fill up to 150 driver jobs, and the OU Job Board has been assigned the task (by a fleet owner) to find those drivers.

According to Michael Rosner, Executive Director of the Job Board, “This is a great opportunity for a full-time parnassah (income) generating opportunity that anyone with a driver’s license can fulfill. If you have been looking for a job or if you are looking to upgrade your current job, this may be for you.”

Mr. Rosner explains that in addition to cabs, there are wheelchair-accessible minivans available for rent on a monthly basis. Based on current drivers’ experiences, there is the opportunity to gross $2,000 per week driving a ten-hour shift.

According to a June article on the Wall Street Journal website, 5,200 green cabs were making more than 43,000 trips a day.

The requirements for drivers are as follows:

“The Job Board would be happy to assist you in getting your license,” Mr. Rosner says.  He points out that because the cabs are on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Sabbath observers can easily choose Shabbat-and-Yom Tov-friendly schedules.

For further information contact the Job Board at or 212-563-4000. To apply go to  or members directly to