Getting Ready: Training Advice for Team Yachad Half Marathon in Miami

04 Nov 2015
Coach Jasmine Graham.

Hundreds of members of Team Yachad across North America and in Israel are now in training for the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon, to take place on Sunday, January 24 and the Jerusalem 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon on Friday, March 18.  Once again this year, Jasmine Graham, owner of Pace for Success and Fit Factory NYC, will be the trainer of Team Yachad Miami.

Jasmine is a fitness entrepreneur, experienced coach, fitness expert and endurance athlete. She is a RRCA-certified running coach and ACE-certified trainer and also holds certifications in Kettlebells, Tabata Bootcamp and TRX Suspension training. “My goal is to UNLEASH your inner athlete,” she says. Jasmine will “absolutely” be at the race. “That’s the best part,” she declares. “The coaches and I will go to Miami and support the team on the course. We are with participants for the entire race weekend.”

            “Running and run/walking an endurance event is a great way to get into shape, lose unwanted pounds and increase your cardiovascular capacity,” Jasmine declares.  “Here are a few tips to get you started on your half marathon journey”:

And of course, good luck.  You are running for a marvelous cause: Yachad and its mission to promote Inclusion. And you can be in touch with me at

See you in Miami in January!