Gay Pride Parade in Israel

07 Jul 2006

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America is deeply offended by the “Gay Pride” event scheduled for this August in Jerusalem, Israel. We cannot sit idly by as those who flout the word of G-d deliberately choose to provocatively stage this event in Judaism’s holiest city.

Homosexual behavior is strictly forbidden by Jewish law. Planning an event that takes such an obnoxious attitude toward Jewish tradition is offensive. Holding this event in Jerusalem is inconsiderate of the history and religious nature of the city and deeply offends both the religious people of Israel and Jews worldwide committed to the traditional Jewish family.

Moreover, by holding this event in Jerusalem, we fear that the world community will mistakenly assume that such behavior is condoned by both those in the Jewish State and by Jews worldwide.

While Judaism is a religion of peace and tolerance, without strict adherence to the commandments of the Torah – which speaks strongly and unambiguously on this issue – we cease to be the “light unto the nations” G-d commands us to be.

The extreme statements and declarations that often accompany such events simply cannot be allowed to pass without our vocal protest. We join with all people of good will and of many faiths outraged by this event and angered by its provocative placement in the holy city.