The First Numbers Are In, And OU Reports Impressive Results For Hiring And Call Backs At ‘Inclusive’ Job Fair Held Last Week

12 Feb 2014

The first results of last week’s Orthodox Union Job Fair are in and the results are tov m’od, very good.

As they would say in election night coverage, with the first precincts reporting…ten candidates were offered jobs on the spot and 27 were called back for second interviews.  That is based on responses from 16 percent of the candidates, and is prior to the report from any of the employers.

Almost 800 participants attended, to be interviewed by more than 70 employers offering 500 jobs.  The Fair was “inclusive” in nature, as candidates represented both mainstream job seekers and those with disabilities, in this joint program arranged between the OU Job Board and Yachad/The Jewish Union Foundation. The Emergency Parnossah Initiative, EPI, was involved as well.

Regarding the offers and second interviews, OU Job Board Director Michael Rosner said, “We are sure that the numbers will grow and we look forward to sharing the good news as soon as all the responses are in. Sadly the Jewish community is still reeling with unemployment, and now more than ever, underemployment, is wreaking havoc on our communities. Underemployment is a frightening prospect that is almost impossible to deal with, which is why the OU Job Board concentrates on seeking higher end jobs in middle to upper management.”

Statistics made available by the Job Board based on 200 responses indicate that 57 percent of the participants were unemployed; 19 percent underemployed; and 24 percent with jobs. Regarding average age, 54 percent were between 21-40; 23 percent between 41-55; 22 percent 56 and over. (Figures will round to 100 percent.)

In evaluating the age range, Mr. Rosner said, “These statistics go along with what we have seen in the past. However we are doing a further analysis based on the candidates’ Job Fair applications for a more refined determination of the exact breakdown of ages, which will give us more insight.”

It could be expected, Mr. Rosner said, that the 56-65 grouping would have had the largest number of candidates. However, he explained, “They are also the group least likely to respond. On average we show that about 22 percent are in the 56-65 age bracket. However, as unfortunate as this may sound, many in this age group and older drop out of the market.”

The Job Board will bring its Job Fair to Chicago, on Thursday, March 6, and a Job Fair will be held in Israel, for native speakers of English, on May 13.

For information on upcoming Job Fairs and other Job Board initiatives, contact or call 212-563-4000 and ask for the Job Board.


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