Connecting Over Coffee: West Coast NCSY Connect’s “Worldwide Latte & Learning” for Young Professionals in LA, NY and Israel 11/19

13 Nov 2015

Across the world, week after week, hundreds of Jewish teens flock to their local coffee houses to sip free lattes and to learn Torah from NCSY rabbis and staff in a relaxed and fun setting. NCSY, the Orthodox Union’s international youth movement, has been presenting the “Latte & Learning” program since its inception in Detroit in 1996. The program invites middle and high schoolers for discussions with dynamic speakers who share a perspective on Jewish identity, offering an open and interactive conversation for Jewish teens to ask their questions and to voice their opinions.

Realizing the success of “Latte & Learning,” a new program has been established to maintain NCSY’s relationships with its alumni as well as connecting with young professionals in the Jewish community. NCSY Connect, the Los Angeles-based program of West Coast NCSY, will now present “Worldwide Latte & Learning” on Thursday, November 19 at 7:30 p.m. local time at Coffee Bean locations in California, New York, and Israel. NCSY Connect, directed by Denise Badreau, develops and maintains relationships with NCSY alumni and young professionals 21 and over.

“NCSY Connect was established to play an essential role in the lives of NCSY alumni, young professionals and the Jewish community through networking, recreational and inspiring programs,” said West Coast NCSY Executive Director Rabbi Effie Goldberg. “NCSY Connect’s ‘Worldwide Latte & Learning’ unites alumni and friends for continued inspiration and collaboration.  It’s exciting to watch young adults, professionals and community members give back to the program that inspired them in their youth while impacting the next generation of leaders.”

Denise Badreau, NCSY Connect Director of Community Connections, explained, “Recognizing that West Coast NCSY alumni are all over the world, our groundbreaking ‘Worldwide Latte & Learning’ brings together old friends and new friends in Israel, New York, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley where together they will learn Torah, drink coffee and connect.”

The program and locations are as follows:

Presenter: Simcha Nikravesh-Storch, JSU and NCSY Alumnus (2005-2015), NCSY Advisor (2009-2012), NCSY Summer Program (TJJ) Advisor (2010-2012), NCSY City Director (2009-2011)

Presenter: Rabbi Derek Gormin, Irvine Director (2007-2008), NCSY Director of Education (2008-2015), Currently Associate West Coast Regional Director

Presenter: Rabbi Akiva Naiman, Director of NCSY NorCal (2011-2015), Director of NCSY Summer Program BILT (2011-2015)

Presenter: Joshua Goldman, Advisor (2006-2009), East Coast Liaison (2010-2013), West Coast Advisor Coordinator since 2013


Future NCSY Connect programs will be based in Los Angeles. There will be a young professionals panel discussion in January, a Havdalah concert in February and a soccer tournament in the spring.

For more information, contact Denise Badreau at 310-229-9000 ext. 202 or email