Coming April 14 — “Raise Your Kids, Not Your Voice,” on OU Radio,

08 Apr 2008


When you communicate with your kids how much of that communication is loving and how much is angry or disciplinary? According to Sarah Chana Radcliffe’s rule, your child should feel your love more than your discipline, and she’ll give you pointers how. That’s just one of the many things she reminds us in the new OU Radio parenting series Raise Your Kids, Not Your Voice, presented by the Orthodox Union.

Disciplining your kids without anger… teaching your kids right from wrong, while making them feel good… making sure your kids know they are loved… fostering good sibling relationships… Learning how your marriage serves as a parenting tool and how your marriage can survive parenting… morning routines… helping your children deal with ADD/ADHD, bullies and obesity; step-parenting… are just a few of the other topics touched upon in “Raise Your Kids, Not Your Voice”, on OU Radio, New episodes are added bi-monthly, beginning on Monday April 14.

The tips are given by Sarah Chana Radcliffe, a noted author and psychologist, with a private practice in Toronto. She counsels parents, couples and individuals and lectures worldwide on subjects relating to parenting, relationships and emotional well-being.

“We’re really excited about offering salient and quality programming to our constituents,” declared Eliezer Edelman, OU National Director of Administration and Management. “This show adds yet another dimension to the dynamic and broad scope of the and content.”

Each segment of the new parenting series will feature 15 to 20 minute presentations — perfect for a commute to work, treadmill run, keeping company while preparing dinner or between laundry loads. It will be available on the OU Radio website, streaming and download, as well as via podcast and in the iTunes store as a free download.

The Orthodox Union, which is dedicated to strengthening Jewish family life, has had a long run of success with its Positive Jewish Parenting programs, presented in communities across North America. Capitalizing on its popularity, the need it fills, the demand in the community for a resource and support for parents, the OU brings Raise Your Kids, Not Your Voice to OU Radio, available anytime, anywhere for download.

In addition to this new initiative, the OU Radio website offers many exciting programs touching on all aspects of Orthodox Jewish life. Other OU series include: Around the Dining Room Table with OU President Stephen J. Savitsky, which deals with a broad array of issues relating to the Jewish community; WaterCooler Questions with Rabbi Moshe Lichtenstein, which provides quick overviews on basic topics in Judaism — questions you never thought to ask; daily Bible study through Daf Yomi and Nach Yomi programs; the Torah lectures of Rabbi Mordechai Elon, a prominent Israeli rabbi, available for the first time in English; Torah Tidbits; Kosher Tidbits and more.

To submit parenting questions and show suggestions to Sarah Chana Radcliffe, e-mail For more information on the program contact