Chicago School District and The Guide Complex Join OU Job Board

19 Jun 2012


The Chicago Public School District (the third largest school district in the United States) is the newest employer to post job openings on the OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities. It joins a variety of organizations (including Fortune 500 companies) among the more than 2,600 employers using the OU Job Board to hire potential employees.

“Though we are the largest Jewish Job Board in the United States/Canada, we are relatively smaller in comparison to the major boards out there. However, because of the high quality level of candidates using the OU Job Board, it caught the attention of this large school district,” stated Michael Rosner, International Director of the OU Job Board. “What makes this exciting is that we didn’t directly solicit a post — they did it themselves. They decided that we are a place to fill their needs.”

According to the job post, “Chicago Public Schools has made a commitment to improving teaching and learning throughout the district with the creation of an improved teacher reflection, observation, and evaluation system that emphasizes support, development opportunities, and structured conversations about practices that are essential to professional growth. To facilitate this support, the CPS will hire a cadre of full-time teachers who will serve as Mentor Teachers to provide intensive support to new teachers across the district.”

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to {encode=”” title=””} by June 20.

In another recent Chicago-related employment opportunity posting on the OU Job Board, The Guide Complex, a community-based literary organization, has posted a search for an Executive Director.

Companies looking to hire are able to send a description of their job openings to the Job Board to be posted on their behalf, or they may fill out an application which would allow them access to post information on their own as well as look through the hundreds of qualified resumés posted on the OU Job Board. Applicants looking for work are able to download their resumés to the website for potential employers to view and can also apply directly for the jobs posted. All these services are free both to the employer and employee.

Each month, the OU Job Board averages of 2,500 posted jobs; 500 uploaded resumés; more than 800 registered hiring companies; and more than 100 employers reviewing resumés at one time. Jobs are posted and monitored on a daily basis. In addition to hosting jobs and resumés, the OU Job Board is a leader in educational “re-tooling” classes; seminars/webinars; Job Fairs; resumé rewrites; and other vital employment and social services.

For further information about these employers and more, visit the OU Job Board website at

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