Chanukah is Ablaze with New NCSY Music Video!

30 Nov 2010


Chanukah lends itself to fun, and NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership is taking full advantage of the holiday with the release of its YouTube video starring the band Six13 (as in 613 mitzvot), with lyrics about Chanukah and NCSY programs, and featuring New Yorkers from all walks of life modeling t-shirts and dancing in subway stations, on the street, and wherever the camera wandered. According to NCSY International Director Rabbi Steven Burg, the aim of the video “is to introduce or reinforce the concept of Chanukah to all Jews, affiliated or otherwise, in a fun and non-threatening way.”

The video can also be watched on the website, which NCSY created to educate the community about the holiday and NCSY.
NCSY is the international youth program of the Orthodox Union.

The video is the brainchild of Duvi Stahler, the Marketing Director of NCSY, who happens to have a brother, Avi, who is a filmmaker. The two Stahlers; Olivia Wiznitzer, Associate Program Director for the OU’s Alumni Connections; Alisa Ungar-Sargon, a flip camera film-maker; and NCSY staffer Racheli Nayberg spent two days wandering New York with large signs that read: “Be a Part of Our Holiday YouTube Video.”

Duvi Stahler declared, “At NCSY, we are always looking for innovative ways and creative media to reach Jewish teens of all levels of affiliation. This video seemed to be a perfect way of connecting our teens with Chanukah.”

Olivia Wiznitzer explained, “We went up to people and asked them if they would be willing to be in the video, in return for which they would get a free t-shirt. We had t-shirts in yellow, green, orange, blue and pink which were emblazoned with the words ‘Light My Fire,’ ‘Spin It ‘Cuz It’s Fabulous’ and ‘National Dreidel Association.’ Those who agreed signed release forms danced in our t-shirts throughout New York and were filmed. Later, Avi Stahler edited the film and inserted the parts featuring Six13 singing their parody versions of ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber, ‘Heartless’ by Kanye West and ‘I Like It’ by Enrique Iglesias.”

The reaction, not surprisingly, has been aflame. Comments sent via email and on Facebook include: “Very, very creative and funny.” “Just watching this over and over- – so much good stuff in there. That adorable kid, the hysterical dreidel spinning with those two dudes, the dog, the random street people, 613, it’s awesome! Please pass on my good vibes to those responsible!” “Awesome video! Great job!” “Amazing!” “GREAT! Finally something cool for Chanukah!” “Great Movie! Six13 and NCSY are taking New York by storm. Keep it up!”

Rabbi Dave Felsenthal, Director of the OU’s Alumni Connections, which works to keep up organizational ties with graduates of Orthodox Union programs such as NCSY, declared: “Chanukah is called The Festival of Lights. What better way to celebrate this festival than with a clever video – ‘lights, camera, action.’ Chanukah has never been so much fun.”

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