Celebrate the Daf in your Succah

06 Sep 2018

For those of us dedicated to the Daf, its daily study is so much more than just a daily shiur. Your commitment to The Daf is legendary. Your dedication is an inspiration to so many. No matter where you are, no matter what is going on you never leave The Daf.

Just as when You leave your home you always take The Daf with you, this Sukkos, as you move out of your home into the Sukkah, you can take The Daf with you too. The Agudah has commissioned a beautiful commemorative Daf Yomi piece of art, created especially in your honor, for you to adorn your Sukkah and cherish The Daf with your family.

If you or someone in your family is a Daf learner, please sign up today to receive your amazing free Sukkah poster. This poster celebrates all the lomdei hadaf, spread the word, tell all your friends about it. Sign up today at thesiyum.org.