Daniel Brody, Orthodox Jew ‘Fired’ By Trump, Relives Apprentice Experience on OU Radio

31 Mar 2006

Daniel Brody, 31, an Orthodox Jew, was “fired” by Donald Trump on The Apprentice Monday night. Now, in a penetrating interview on OU Radio, a production of the Orthodox Union, Brody tells host Ricky Magder what it was like to be an observant Jew on a hit TV program, in which the participants are isolated from their families and their normal lives for two months, even after they are fired, until all the shows in the series are shot.

Among other issues, Brody discusses the difficulties of observing Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and how other cast members did not understand why his observance would interfere with the normal production of the program. He also explains his decision not to wear a yarmulke on the program and why he didn’t want to be taken to a kosher restaurant.

The program, part of Magder’s weekly series, Off the Beaten Track, can be heard worldwide on www.ouradio.org.