House to Vote on Resolution Strongly Backing Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

18 Jul 2006

Call Your Representative TODAY and Urge Them to Vote FOR the Resolution

With Israeli communities such as S’derot, Haifa, Ashkelon and others being hit with rockets fired by Hamas and Hizballah, the U.S. House of Representatives will be voting Wednesday July 19 on bipartisan resolution reaffirming Congress’ unwavering support for Israel. The resolution will strongly back the Jewish state’s right to defend herself and to take steps to beyond its borders to deter further aggression by the terrorist groups and their state sponsors, Iran and Syria.

The resolution demands complete implementation of U.N. Security Council 1559, which requires Hizballah be dismantled and the departure of all foreign militias – including the remaining Syrian personnel and Iranian Revolutionary Guards – from Lebanon. The House resolution calls for the full weight of American financial, diplomatic, and economic sanctions to be imposed on Syria and Iran.

The resolution, which passed the Senate by voice vote on Tuesday, is sponsored by the leadership of both parties in the House. It calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the Israeli soldiers being held by Hamas and Hizballah and hold the governments of Syria, and Iran responsible for these acts of aggression against Israel.

Please call your Member of Congress and urge them to vote FOR the resolution, showing American support for the State of Israel, and to speak out on Israel’s behalf. Members can be reached through the Capitol switchboard at (202) 225-3121.