New and Improved

Well now that we have two full time staff in OU Alumni Connections we finally held a one day meeting to plan for the future together with International Director of NCSY Rabbi Steven Burg and his Associate Director Susan Wachstock. I am very excited about improvements we are going to make and I’m sure you will enjoy them! The first such improvements are for the collegiate aged alumni. We are now offering small seed grants to alumni on campus to run events to “connect, inspire and empower” alumni on their campus. We are also looking for college reps on our 25 top campuses (those with the most alumni) to be a resource for our 12th graders, their parents and advisors in offering guidance on Jewish college life. If you would like to be a rep or have a suggestion please email Scott I’ll talk about many other developments from that meeting in future issues. I’d like to to thank Alumni Rebbecca Gotlieb and Sharona Motkin for coming by the office to visit and show their support. Please feel free to schedule a visit at 11 Broadway!
Last month we asked you to help move us up in the Google ranks by searching for Birthright, Birthright Israel and Taglit Birthright Israel and clicking on our Israel Free Spirit link. Well, please keep it up as thanks to your efforts we moved to the 4th spot on the first page for both the search terms birthright and Taglit Birthright Israel!!!

Have an Awesome Shabbat and Thanksgiving (US),

Rabbi Dave Felsenthal