Mazal Tov to the First Ever National NCSY “Imagine” Chinese Auction Winners!

Recently we concluded our first ever National NCSY Chinese Auction. Thanks so much for your participation and support! I want to wish a personal congratulations to each of the winners, listed by prize category below.

Grand Prize Winner of Torah or $18,000: Bella Jacobs of Monsey, NY!!!

Split the Pot: Jeremy Simons of New York City

Trip for 5 to Israel: Danielle & Ari Schertz of Woodmere, NY

Kosher Cruise: Drs Michael & Steni Cram of Monsey, NY

Miami Vacation: Chaim Diskind of Rochester, NY

European Vacation: Salomao Feintuch of Brighton, MA

L.A. Celebrity Shopping Spree: Miriam Ankri of Baltimore, MD

N.Y. Shopping Trip: Charlie & Dinah Harari of Woodmere, NY

California Vacation: Isaac Dayan of N.Y.

Disney Trip for 4: Henny Chekenow of Kew Gardens, NY

IPA Mission to Washington: Shalom & Iris Maidenbaum of Lawrence, NY

Car/Van Makeover: Miriam Turk of Brooklyn, NY

Diamond/Jewelry Makeover: Sammy Baritz

Silver Makeover: Rebecca Katz of Teaneck, NJ

Dinning Room Makeover: Ron Yaish of Bergenfield, NJ

Living Room Makeover: Joel Mael of Lawrence, NY

Kitchen Makeover: Lolly Lamb of Brooklyn, NY

Outdoor Makeover: Yehuda Oratz of Baltimore, MD

High Tech Makeover: Rebecca Katz of Teaneck, NJ

Artscroll Shas: Sari Weiss of Brooklyn, NY

Gates of Jerusalem Haggadah: Joel Mael of Lawrence, NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Best Buy: Mendy Erez of the Lower East Side of NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Costco: Susan Christina of Boca Raton, FL

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Target: Neil & Betty Cohen of West Hempstead, NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Toys R Us: Linda Hanniford of Brooklyn, NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Macy's: Susan Engelstein of Engelwood, NY

NCSY Summer Camp Program: Rebecca Spero of Baltimore, MD

Camp Morasha: Gittel Gold of Brooklyn, NY

Camp Stone: Rhonda Epstein of NC

Earrings: Morris Elman of NY

OU Press Package: Meir Lipschitz of Ocean City, NY

Baby Package: Rochelle Abramovitz of Queens, NY

Jackpot: Linda Hanniford of Brooklyn, NY

Mazal Tov and hope you enjoy your winnings!