Lunch with my brother Steven

Just had lunch with my brother Steven (Atlantic Seaboard ’87) and he shared a great story I had to share;) He was on a flight to Israel with his family and they gave him a free upgrade for 1 ticket to business class which he of course gave to his wife. While visiting her, Avrohom Fried (The famous Jewish singer) who was three seats away called my brother over. He asked him to please wake him up for Maariv. When the time came, he woke him up and he was very greatful. Steven had arranged to use the galley area for Maariv, but, as they gathered a male attendent asked them to be seated. Together, my brother and Avrohom explained the importance and value of Maariv and not only did the attendant let them daven but he actually joined in to make the minyan. When my brother shared the story with my sister in law she responded that she’s not at all suprised by the results of an NCSY’er and Lubavitcher teaming up!