Love of Israel

Love of Israel. As an NCSY I was surrounded by an overwhelming love of Israel. This came from my advisors who either moved there or yearned to be able to. The many summer trips and year long options being promoted. The countless songs sang with a full heart about the joy and beauty of Yerushalayim. So why does it come as a surprise that NCSY sends more students on summer programs, to learn in Israel, is one of the biggest Birthright organizers and has more alumni living in Israel than any other Jewish youth group in the Diaspora? When I explain this to my Israeli associates they are always surprised and even shocked, or at least until recently. The word is finally out and NCSY is finally being looked at as the best partner for Israeli organizations to team up with to bring in American participants.

I just came back from a family trip to Israel. My kids felt there connection waning and needed an Israel recharge. I was very fortunate to be able to pull it off. But, that got me to thinking, where did I gert my recharge or even original charge, the answer should not surprise any of us, NCSY!

Have an awesome Shabbat,

Rabbi Dave