20 Jun 2006

the Covering, and main element in the construction of the Sukkah. In addition to not being rainproof, the Sechach must satisfy the following requirements, among others:

It must be made from a product of the earth, which is now detached from the earth. For example, bamboo poles and pine tree branches are commonly used as “Sechach.”
It must be between a minimum of approximately one yard or meter and a maximum of approximately ten yards or meters off the ground.
It must block a majority of the sunlight; in other words, it must “admit” more shade than light.
It may be placed (on top of a Sukkah) built on the top of a sky-scraper, or a mountain.
It must provide the shade; therefore, it may not be placed on the top of a Sukkah built in a valley which is totally in the shade of a mountain.