20 Jun 2006

[m.;pl. “Rofeim”]; physician, doctor, “healer;” – ideally, an individual human being who undertakes to use the medical knowledge available to him or her to heal their fellow human beings, knowing full well that the ultimate power to heal is in the “Hands” of Hashem alone.
We describe Him in the blessing which we recite after using the bathroom, “Asher Yatzar,” “Who Created [Man in His Wisdom…], “Rofe chol basar u-mafli laasot,” “Who heals all flesh, and performs wonders.” And as we describe him in the Shemoneh Esray (weekday version, which includes our requests for fulfillment of our needs), “Ki Kel Melech Rofe Neeman VeRachaman Otah,” “For You are Almighty G-d, the King, The Trustworthy and Merciful Healer.”