20 Jun 2006

the belief in One G-d. This is considered one of the great contributions of “Avraham Avinu,” Avraham our forefather. The Midrash teaches that “at age three, Avraham recognized his Creator!”

The child had looked at the complicated and beautiful world and determined that it was obvious that such a world, comparable to a palace, had to have a builder! He considered the sun as the builder but rejected that idea when the sun, with the arrival of night, set. Likewise were the moon and the stars considered and rejected. In desperation the child called out, “Who is the builder of the house?” Whereupon HaShem revealed Himself and said, “I am the Creator and Owner of the world.”

There is another Monotheistic Religion in the world; namely Islam. The great advantage that makes Judaism incalculably superior to Islam is that the Oral Law is a part, if not the most important part, of the Jewish Religion, while Islam has no comparable Oral Law.