June 20, 2006

[pl. “Mitzvot”]; a Command of G-d. There are several types, including the following:

Seven Commands of the “Sons of “Noach”/Noah [refers to all of humanity because the entire human race descended, according to the Torah, from the survivors of the Great Flood, the “Mabul.”]These commands are presumably “built into” the soul or conscience of the human being. The seven commands are:

a. Not to engage in the practice of idol-worship b. Not to “Bless [euphemism for “curse”] the Divine Name c. Not to Murder d. Not to engage in Sexual Transgressions e. Not to engage in Theft f. To Establish a System of Courts for the Administration of Justice g. Not to eat a limb torn from a live animal (against cruelty to animals) Six hundred thirteen Commands of the Torah, binding upon the Jewish People, including:

a. Two hundred forty eight Positive Commands (for example: “You shall eat Matzot for seven days” – (“Shemot”/Exodus 12:15) and “Honor your father and your mother” (Ibid. 20:12)) and b. Three hundred sixty five Negative Commands (for example: “You shall not murder” (Ibid. 20:13) and “You shall not curse a deaf person and You shall not put a stumbling block in the path of a blind person.” (“Vayikra”/Leviticus 19:14))