20 Jun 2006

[Plural Mishnayot]; First “written” compilation of Oral Law of Judaism. Rabbi Akiva was first such compiler. “Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi,” also known as “Rabbeinu HaKadosh,” “Our Holy Rabbi;” was the final and authoritative compiler of the Mishnayot, in approximately 200 C.E. It is divided into six “Sedarim,” or Orders. They are: “Zeraim,” Seeds, Agriculture-Related Mitzvot, etc., “Moed,” Shabbat and the Holidays, etc., “Nashim,” Mitzvot relating to women, etc., “Nezikin,” Laws regarding Damages, etc., “Kodshim,” Holy matters, such as Mitzvot related to the Temple and Sacrifices, etc., and “Taharot,” Matters of Purity, such as Family Purity, Impurity emanating from a corpse, etc.