Kiddush HaShem

20 Jun 2006

Sanctification of the name of HaShem. This great accomplishment is achieved generally in three ways:

By living a life of obeying HaShem’s Commandments, as found in the Torah, rendering all aspects of life no longer “profane,” but raising them to the level of the “holy”, as he or she interacts with their spouse, children, family members, business associates, community members, friends, and with HaShem Himself in the manner and spirit built by the Divine Author into the Torah

When a Jew performs an act in public requiring unusual courage, risk, honesty or integrity, as for example, when Senator Joseph Lieberman, who had indeed been a friend of the President, rose to criticize the immorality displayed by the Chief Executive, by engaging in various acts that shed no glory on the Office of the Presidency of the United States.

By giving up one’s life, if necessary, rather than submit to the betrayal of one’s belief in G-d, and abandonment of Judaism for another religion, as many communities and countless individuals chose to do throughout Jewish History.