Brit Milah

20 Jun 2006

[f.]; the Covenant of Circumcision that HaShem established with Avraham, and his descendants. Part of the meaning of this Covenant is that HaShem left His Creation “incomplete,” and it is the job of Man to “complete” the Creation; in particular, by acting to complete his own Creation by raising himself to a higher level of holiness.

“Brit Milah” is accomplished specifically through the organ of sexual desire, in which the “Yetzer HaRa,” the “Evil Inclination,” has particular dominance, to demonstrate that Man has been given the ability, through living according to the lifestyle of the Torah, to take mastery over and sublimate the “Yetzer HaRa.” He can do this by combining it with his “Yetzer HaTov,” his Good Inclination, to give power and energy to his Service of HaShem.

The Jewish woman is charged with sublimating her “Yetzer HaRa” by living a life of “T’zniut,” Modesty, and fulfillment, in the context of family life with her husband and children. In this manner, she can augment the level and quality of her “Avodat HaShem,” Service to HaShem, whatever profession, if any, outside the home, she may choose to enter.