20 Jun 2006

[m., pl. “Bitchonot”]; trust and confidence; feeling of security. The religious personality tries never to despair, “even when a sharp sword is upon his throat.” For this type of personality, “Emunah,” Belief, and “Bitachon,” Confidence, are always closely related.

As it says at the end of the Tefilah “U’va L’Tziyon Goel,” “And a Redeemer shall come to Zion,” “Baruch haGever asher Yivtach BaHaShem, V’Haya HaShem Mivtacho,” “Blessed is the man who trusts in HaShem, and HaShem is his source of security (Yirmiyahu 17:7) and “Bitechu BaHaShem Adei ad, ki B’Y-ah HaShem Tzur O’lamim,” “Trust in HaShem forever, for in Almighty G-d is the “Rock of the Worlds” (Yeshayahu 26:4).