HaChassid, Rabbi Yehudah

15 Jun 2006

Rabbi Yehudah HaChassid was one of the main teachers of the ‘Chassidei Ashkenaz’ and one of the most profound ethical teachers who ever lived.

He was the author-editor of Sefer Chassidim, a profound ethical/halachic treatise which has come down to us in two separate editions. The book has achieved great popularity and has been reprinted many times.

Rav Yehudah’s father, Shmuel, was a saintly and renowned Rosh Yeshiva in Speyer, and Rav Yehudah studied under him.

His contemporaries said of him: ‘Had he lived in the times of the prophets, he would have been a prophet; in the time of the tannaim, he would have been a tanna; in the time of the amoraim, an amora …’