Weissmandel, Rabbi Michoel Dov

15 Jun 2006

Rabbi Weismandel was a Torah Scholar and a leader of the Jewish resistance during World War II. He engaged non-Jewish emissaries to send food, clothing, and money to Jewish deportees who were “settled” in the territories of the General government in Poland. Rabbi Weissmandel was a member of the underground “Working Group” and the founder of the Europe Plan to rescue the survivors of European Jewry.

Through his letters he berated the Jewish leadership in the free world for their inactivity toward the Jews in Europe. His letters are collected in his memoir Min Ha Mezzar – From the Depths.

Following the war Rabbi Weissmandel settled in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. where he reestablished the Nitra Yeshiva.

Rabbi Weissmandel was a forerunner of the ‘computer codifiers’ without the aid of a computer, he published material regarding numerology and sequences of letters and numbers in the Bible.