Meir Leibush, Rabbi (Malbim)

15 Jun 2006

Rav and Biblical commentator (1809-1879), Malbim is an acronym of his name Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Michel.

He was born in Volhynia and was still a child when his father died. he studied in his native town until the age of 13. He then went to Warsaw where he was known as the ‘iluy (prodigy) from Volhynia.’ He was Rav of several cities but he suffered much persecution because of his uncompromising stand against Reform, leading even to a brief imprisonment on a false accusation. He wandered much of his life, serving as Rav in various cities for several years at a time-even serving for a short while as chief Rabbi of Rumania.

His fame and immense popularity rests upon his widely esteemed commentary to the Bible. His first published commentary was on Megillas Esther (1845). His commentary to the remaining books of the Bible were published between then and 1876.

His commentary on the Bible (as the author sets forth in his introduction to Isaiah) is based upon three fixed principles: in the text of the Torah and the figurative language of the prophets there are no more synonyms repetitions; profound and brilliant philosophical approach to Biblical commentary, and his similar Commentary to Psalms.