Ginzberg, Rabbi Judah Leib

14 Jun 2006

Rabbi Ginzberg studied in the Slabodka Yeshiva where he acquired his deep interest in the ethics of the Torah. He served as rabbi of Yaroslav, Russia before coming to the United States in 1931. He became rabbi in Denver, Colorado and was greatly respected for his scholarship and fine character. He wrote four works, each of which sought to convey the ethical essence of Judaism. His work, The Ethics of the Prophets (Musar HaNeviim), interpreted the books of the prophets through the eyes of our sages, maintaining the non-Jews also studied Bible and we must be careful to understand it in our own unique and true way.

Though he wrote during the war, when the chief focus was on material security, he foresaw that after the war there would arise a profound spiritual awakening and a love for holy matters and works concerning musar would be sought.