14 Jun 2006

The Prophet Ezekiel, who prophesied by the River Kvar in Babylon to the Jewish Exiles who were depressed and dispirited concerning the fate of their People. He had a Vision of the Heavenly Chariot of G-d, with Angels moving to and fro at the speed of lightning, to show the People that HaShem was still with them, and that the Salvation of HaShem can come “K’heref Ayin,” with the blink of an eye.

He prophesied the Revival of a Valley of Bones, to symbolize the forthcoming Redemption(s), when the Jewish People would return to the Land of Israel and build the Second Temple, and referring also to the distant Redemption of “Mashiach,” when the final rebuilding of the “Beit HaMikdash” would be accompanied by miracles that would dwarf anything in the past, and that would include “Techiyat HaMetim,” the Revival of the Dead.