February 9, 2014

[1 Tishrei]

  • Sixth day of Creation, bears, cows, human being.
  • Birthday of Kayin and Hevel.
  • Sarah, Rachel, Chana each prayed for offspring and were answered favorably on Rosh HaShana.
  • Yosef was released from prison.
  • The Jews in Egypt were freed from slavery (they did not leave the land until Pesach, but…).
  • Zerubavel brought the first Korban on the new Mizbei’ach, 538 b.c.e.
  • Ezra read the Torah to the people, 444 b.c.e.
  • Jews of Mogilev, Russia attacked during Tashlich, 1645.
  • Yahrzeit of the Malbim, 1879.
  • Daf Yomi was begun, 1923.

[2 Tishrei]

  • First Shabbat of Creation.
  • Refugee Jews in France deprived of civil rights, 1940.

[3 Tishrei]

  • Gedaliya, autonomous governor of Judea, assassinated; remnant of Jewish population in Eretz Yisrael exiled.

[4 Tishrei]

  • First Jewish congregation established in Stockholm, Sweden, 1775.
  • Blood-libel in Galatz, Rumania, 1867.
  • Yahrzeit of the Chayei Adam, 1820.

[5 Tishrei]

  • Birthday of Naftali b. Yaakov.
  • Rabbi Akiva imprisoned by Romans.

[6 Tishrei]

  • Jewish community of Berlin was organized, 1671.
  • Germany occupied Lukow, Poland, killing many Jews.

[25 Tishrei]

  • Yahrzeits of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev (1809) and of the Chatam Sofer (1839)

[27 Tishrei]

  • The wealthy Jewish community of Venice was sacked and impoverished, 1570. (That the success of Jews irks our non-Jewish neighbors goes all the way back to Yitzchak Avinu and the people of Gerar.)
  • The town of Netanya was founded, 1927. (It is named after the same person that the street on which the Israel Center is located is named after.)
  • Operation Hiram was successfully completed, giving Israel effective control of the Galil, 1948.

[28 Tishrei]

  • The fourth Rabban Gamliel was removed from office by the Romans, thereby ending the last vestiges of Jewish autonomy, 415.
  • Saladin captured Jerusalem from the Crusaders, and allowed Jews to return to the City after an absence of 88 years, 1187.
  • The British White Paper, restricting Jewish immigration and purchase of land was published, 1930.

[29 Tishrei]

  • Traditional Yahrzeit of Shimon HaTzadik. (His Kever is in Jerusalem and makes a meaningful short tiyul.)
  • Jews of Lower Bavaria expelled, 1450.
  • Yahrzeit of the Abrabanel, 1508.
  • Deadline for Warsaw’s Jews to move into the ghetto, 1940.
  • Last transport of Austrian Jews left for Theresienstadt, 1942.

[30 Tishrei]

  • Israeli forces trap the Egyptian 3rd army on the eastern side of the Suez during the Yom Kippur War, 1973.