January Alumni of the Month: Jason and Yael Gevertzman

Yael and Jason Gevertzman are alumni of Etz Chaim aka New Jersey NCSY. They met in high school and began dating at NCSY Spring Regional 2001. In July of 2009, they got married. During their first year of marriage, they spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with new cuisines and creating their own recipes. A brilliant idea occurred to them- why not create a cookbook?

The goal was to fuse together traditional kosher and international cuisine. Their cookbook presents traditional kosher cooking with our own unique twists. It also incorporates international cuisine altered to accommodate kosher dietary restrictions. They have combined different culinary delights from Italy, Spain, Cuba, Turkey, France, China, Thailand and Mexico. Inspiration has also been taken from Creole, Mediterranean, and traditional American cuisine. Because of their broad inspiration, they decided to call their book 'Newlywed Kosher: A Marriage of International and Traditional Kosher Cuisine.' The cookbook contains over 150 recipes both new and re-inspired, each with a corresponding picture.

You can purchase their cookbook or learn more about it at our website at www.newlywedkosher.com.